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Linda Kenney Baden
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Welcome! Benvenuto! Bem Vindo! Bienvenido! Dobrodosli! Ni Hao Ma! Bienvenue! Benvido! Härzliche Wöikomme!


Welcome to all my friends all over the world. In 2009, I bought my website name It announced “WEBSITE COMING SOON!”Here’s the commemorative screenshot.

Photo of Linda Kenney Baden Website Coming Soon

Well, it is finally here. Sort of. This is not my law office website as I first anticipated but my own personal media and entertainment internet space.

Having been a Huffington Post blogger I became more intrigued with the notion that it would be easier to express my in-depth thoughts on sports and other media commentary, that I often do on television or in print, on my own personal space. As you all know, I have been commenting on matters in the news for years, much of it from a guest legal perspective for many networks.

And for more in- depth sports commentary, you can go to my sister site SPORTS COURT MEDIA who I co-founded with my biz partner the fabulous Tamara Holder, Esq.

My law office website is still in development- or as I can proclaim again-COMING SOON! This time with the help of my web developer Mr. Koji Flowers of Big Cloud Media I anticipate a launch before the end of the year. It will be located at BTW he is not paying me for the mention- okay I have now fulfilled my duties under federal law.

No personal website would be complete without a shout out to the three men that have lived with me the last few years. My wonderful husband Dr. Michael Baden, who is my co-author of our mystery books REMAINS SILENT and SKELETON JUSTICE.

Linda with her husband Dr. Michael Baden getting ready for the New York Emmys
Linda with her husband Dr. Michael Baden getting ready for the New York Emmys

My newest dog-son Valjean.

Valjean and Linda Kissing
And my dearest Mycroft- RIP.

Linda, Michael and Mycroft

Thanks for all of your support.

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