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Linda Kenney Baden
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Skeleton Justice

Skeleton Justice


Forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden of the HBO series Autopsy and trial attorney and legal commentator Linda Kenney Baden bring us a chilling new thriller featuring their crack crime-fighting duo: Dr. Jake Rosen, world famous pathologist, deputy chief medical examiner, and devoted scientist; and top litigator Manny Manfreda who is as lovely (and accessorized) as she is gutsy.

The case begins with New York City on high-alert for a most bizarre serial killer–a strange kind of thief who stalks his victims for the purpose of extracting a vial of blood, earning him the tabloid nickname the Vampire. As the attacks become more and more vicious and graduate to torture and then murder, the duo begins to suspect there is a connection between the killer’s seemingly random victims. But, what is the link between the Vampire and a case that Manny’s been working for a kid whose high school prank-gone-wrong has earned him the moniker the Preppy Terrorist and an FBI ankle bracelet? Jake’s careful forensic examinations, Manny’s courtroom tenaciousness, and an unusual clue suggesting that a high ranking politician has risen from the grave, take them from the bowels of the morgue to the world of international intrigue. At the heart of this story is the heartbreaking take of corruption interlaced with cover-ups, conspiracies, death squads and dictators who committed crimes that to this day go unpunished.

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